Complete Service:

We will customize the right service to fit your needs depending on how much you use your spa.  Call us for a free digital water analysis and recommendations for keeping your hot tub water clean, clear, and inviting!


Includes once a month visit to augment owners' regular maintenance schedule.  Basic Chemicals included.

Bi-Monthly Service:
Water Change:

Includes Draining, Cleaning tub interior, Cleaning Filter, Conditioning the Cover, Refilling, and  Initial Chemical Balance.

Includes Twice a month check-ups to maintain chemical balance, Basic Chemicals Included.

Don't need a complete cleaning? We can save you money with just a water change with re-balance and filter cleaning.  We can set you up on a regular schedule every 3 or 4 months.  ALL hot tub manufacturers recommends a water change every 4 months minimum regardless of the amount of use.

Our premium service!  Designed for higher bather load, or for the peace of mind a watchful eye provides.  52 visits a year, plus monthly filter cleaning. Basic Chemicals included.

Monthly Service:
Weekly Service:

We Offer a Variety of Services to Keep Your Spa Water Healthy, Balanced, and Trouble Free, so it is Always Ready for You!
We don't sell hot tubs, we don't repair hot tubs, we keep your spa water clean, healthy, and balanced.

System Cleaning and Flush to help remove biofilm, Filter Replacement, Service Calls, Complimentary Water Testing.  We also provide friendly, free advice on what to look for regarding poor water quality or unhealthy water!  In addition, we watch for potential problems with you tub and inform you if you haven't been out there for a while.

All our Services include chemicals!  No more buying what you will never use, or have dangerous chemicals sitting around your home

We also do system flush for jetted tubs!  Call or email for pricing!